Courtney's Crazy Corner

I will try my best not to make this sexist. But the thing is, when I do all that I can for my man. He comes home to a clean house. Dinner being cooked. And I am waiting on him hand and foot. And this is the way I do things. 

The only time I haven’t is when, I got my tooth pulled last monday, So I didn’t do a whole lot bc this was a big tooth they extracted.

But I am back to my old self and I am getting crap done. But for the past 2 days, my man has just been getting aggravated and saying that the way that I talk to him is ******. 

I do not think so. But, I am willing to accept that if he says it is, then maybe I need to watch myself. But the thing is, I am doing all I know how to do, and it seems to still annoy him. 

He is not normally this type of guy so something is bothering him. But he won’t tell me what it is. So, I am typing this on here. Putting my thoughts out there because I can not say them to him again. Because as again means, I have already said them.

So here is hoping that I can somehow get tonight back on track. I want to end up with him doing what makes him happy. I want to make him smile. 

Breastfeeding: Is it for you

Breastfeeding is the best way my opinion to feed your baby. It is natural. It doesn’t hurt. If it does your doing it wrong. EVERYONE can do it! It is important in that you give your baby all your immunities. So breastfed babies get sicker less often. Try it full heartedly for two weeks. Give your baby that precious colostrum. Your immunities. And just see if it is for you. Now, some people say they don’t make enough. Yeah, you do. Or at least you can. Take fenugreek. Natural herb to make you lactate. Next day, your breasts will be full I guarantee it. There is other ways to produce more milk. Oatmeal. More fiber in your diet. Eat enough good nutrient enriched foods. Drinking lots of water can help. Just stay hydrated. And put your baby to the breast often. And pump. No matter how much or how little comes out. Don’t go by what is in the pump to say what is in your beast. Only go by what is in the pump to know for sure how much your baby is getting. Watch what meds you take some dry up milk supply. So just check with your lactation specialist about any new meds. It is a wonderful closeness you will feel with your baby. It is the right temperature. It is free. And always there. Family and friends want to feed baby? No problem. That is what the pump is for. Same for going back to work. Pump on breaks or when your boss will let you. Breastfeeding does not rule your life, just makes yours and your babies better. I am not against women feeding formula. But I just don’t feel comfortable doing it. It is not natural. And is harder on babies tummy to digest. That its all I am saying. If you have anything to say, post it in the questions section.


I am not against the people that use formula. I use it if I do not produce enough or my son is just not satisfied with me. So, breastmilk (which is easier on baby’s stomach), baby food, baby juice, rice cereal for baby, oatmeal cereal, and formula for baby are all good to nourish your baby. Just as long as your baby is getting enough to eat, and if you are breastfeeding you will know that from the diapers. I do prefer breastfeeding over formula. But sometimes symptoms come up like I have a thyroid disease and things like that can lessen your flow. Supplement then.