Courtney's Crazy Corner
Omg men

Ok so here is my deal.
I have a man that normally I love very much.
But he has been acting like a butt lately.
Tonight alone he was bugging me to wake up. Got mad because I wouldn’t. When I don’t sleep well at night. For the past two weeks, I maybe sleep an average of three hours a night.
I have a two year old and I go to school full time. 20 hrs a week. I’m there mon and wed 730 am to 5 pm. Tues 730 am to 9 pm. Thursday 730 am to 5 pm. Friday 730 am to 3 pm.
I come home I cook, I clean, I take care of all my son’s needs. ( not complaining on that) when I ask for help, none. (The 20 hrs a week is my classes only.)
But back to tonight. He got mad over that. Then when we decided to leave the living room and go to bed, he flops his hand over, pokes me in the eye, which wakes me up. Trying to bug me again. I turn on my side. He gets pissed and goes in the living room and turns back on the tv and starts watching tv. This is at 11pm
Later, my son cries and wakes up. I go in there to see what is wrong. And take care of him. My man goes to bed. And I am currently sitting here on the couch typing this, my son is awake, so am I. And I’m pissed.
My son can’t help it. I don’t blame him. I blame adults that are in this house that I feel like don’t help in the way they should. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the man that calls himself a daddy, to be a true one, needs to help out.
Not tell me when I get home at 9pm with my back where I can hardly walk, to give my son a bath. When I two hours before ask him to.
And when I come home, because I didn’t get the groceries he suggested I get (reason: I could hardly walk) then proceeds to tell me that because I didn’t, I was selfish and only thinking about myself.
Now don’t get me wrong, he does allot of stuff. Like play with cayden, and take care of our financial needs while I am in school (per his request).
But I want to be able to know that when I come home, he has done something. I get home on tues like I said at 9. He gets off at 5. Why not give cayden a bath, if you see dishes out put them in washer, clean up something. He has done that once. But that is not with out griping.
I love this man. I want to make our family work. But I want to ask of something (small easy to do favors) and believe they will be done. Let me ask you, what is wrong with that?


I will try my best not to make this sexist. But the thing is, when I do all that I can for my man. He comes home to a clean house. Dinner being cooked. And I am waiting on him hand and foot. And this is the way I do things. 

The only time I haven’t is when, I got my tooth pulled last monday, So I didn’t do a whole lot bc this was a big tooth they extracted.

But I am back to my old self and I am getting crap done. But for the past 2 days, my man has just been getting aggravated and saying that the way that I talk to him is ******. 

I do not think so. But, I am willing to accept that if he says it is, then maybe I need to watch myself. But the thing is, I am doing all I know how to do, and it seems to still annoy him. 

He is not normally this type of guy so something is bothering him. But he won’t tell me what it is. So, I am typing this on here. Putting my thoughts out there because I can not say them to him again. Because as again means, I have already said them.

So here is hoping that I can somehow get tonight back on track. I want to end up with him doing what makes him happy. I want to make him smile.