Courtney's Crazy Corner
This weekend…..

This weekend has been so much fun to me.

I mean, we went through some storms to get here literally. 

We left our home in MS, to come to a friend’s house in GA. So that Dustin can help fix the guy’s car.

Well, while they were wrenching, me and the guy’s girlfriend went to get our nails done. I do not get that done often. Probably once a year so that was a treat. And then sometime today she will redye my hair. 

It is nice to get here and get away from it all for a weekend. I mean, yeah all I do is sah and take care of my son and clean the house and go to school fulltime. But that is my job. At least until I graduate. And I could not be happier.

If you love your life, then that is all that matters. Remember that. You do not need to have anything in your life as far as people go but you would like for them to be there.

Random thought for the day right there.

But back to this weekend. On the way here, we was in Dustin’s pickup and we were being stocked by this massive MASSIVE rain storm. That sucker had us going 30 mph at one point on the highway! I was like holy crap! We could not see past our noses. It was like a sheet. But, as you can tell, we got here safe and sound. Thank you for asking. Just kidding.

So, tell me, how did your weekend go? Are you ready for school to start back or you to go back to work or both? Contact me. I love to talk.

July 4th, 2011

Ok, first off hope that your 4th was a blast. Mine was.

It was filled with eating, swimming, baby, and kids and adults acting like kids.

The day started off like any other old day. I mean, nothing to it. Honey slept in late while I took care of baby. (is that not the way it always goes ladies) Anyway, so we was getting everything prepped for that night. Got cheesecake to take with us, little swimmers for my son, and just did last minute errands. 

So, we get to the friends house and we go swimming. Yes, my 6 1/2 month old son swam for the first time. I was a nervous wreck but anyway. He got to love it after a lil while.

So, after the swimming we ate. And what a feast it was. All grilled: hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob. Baked beans(homemade), riced krispie treats(of course homemade and red white and blue), my yummy cheesecake with strawberries on top, and a homemade peanut butter cake and homemade brownies. All so delicious. Got way over full.

After the eating there was playing of a game that I did not play but watched called ladder golf or something like that. It is where you have these plastic things you stand up one on one side and the other on the other. The people from the opposite end throw these things with balls on a string is what they look like to me and try to get them to wrap around the rongs. Fun to watch.

After alllll that, there was the fireworks. Needless to say my son was not having it. I had to go inside. I stood at the door to watch them. No, he was still not happy. Went into the living room to watch them. Nope. Still not happy. All the way in the living room where I could hear but not see is where we ended up. And I nursed him till he feel asleep. Then, it was over. Everyone talking about how great it was. O well, Lord willing there will be a next year and we will go back.

We get home and this is the FUN part for me. Up and down and repeat. Giving my son his binky, rocking him, nursing him, I mean the whole 9 yards here. Yeah, needless to say I got about 3 hours last night all together. But, that is the life of being a mother. 

So, I hope that you enjoyed my day. And tomorrow is a big day for me. Me and my honey are going to be going on a big date. Filled with (here is a peak) cars, cache, food, movies and fun.

So, follow me, leave comments, whatever you want to do. I want to know how your 4th was.