Courtney's Crazy Corner
This weekend…..

This weekend has been so much fun to me.

I mean, we went through some storms to get here literally. 

We left our home in MS, to come to a friend’s house in GA. So that Dustin can help fix the guy’s car.

Well, while they were wrenching, me and the guy’s girlfriend went to get our nails done. I do not get that done often. Probably once a year so that was a treat. And then sometime today she will redye my hair. 

It is nice to get here and get away from it all for a weekend. I mean, yeah all I do is sah and take care of my son and clean the house and go to school fulltime. But that is my job. At least until I graduate. And I could not be happier.

If you love your life, then that is all that matters. Remember that. You do not need to have anything in your life as far as people go but you would like for them to be there.

Random thought for the day right there.

But back to this weekend. On the way here, we was in Dustin’s pickup and we were being stocked by this massive MASSIVE rain storm. That sucker had us going 30 mph at one point on the highway! I was like holy crap! We could not see past our noses. It was like a sheet. But, as you can tell, we got here safe and sound. Thank you for asking. Just kidding.

So, tell me, how did your weekend go? Are you ready for school to start back or you to go back to work or both? Contact me. I love to talk.

Do YOU believe in GOD?

If you don’t these are the reasons why I do.

I have been through so many near death experiences in my life. When I was younger, me and my grandma and my cousin were on our way home. And my cousin said no waiting she had to use the bathroom. So, we stopped at the VF factory outlet for her to do so. And then started on our journey back home. We were headed for the hwy 6/ easson intersection. To head towards plantersville. We were stopped by a police man saying there was a bad wreck were an elderly lady lost her life at that intersection. Had my cousin not needed to use the restroom we would have been in that wreck.

The other thing, I was driving home one night from Fulton. It was foggy and I saw this 18 wheeler that did not have tail lights and was carrying logs without the orange flag on it. The only thing that I remember is being on the phone with a friend of mine and telling her that I was having a wreck. I went underneath the trailer is what I was told. Today, while I was in Kroger for a thing that I will tell you about later a lady said that I was in a wreck on 78 in a neon. Dodge. I asked her can you tell me what happened and she said yeah you spun like 4 or 5 times around. She said I thought I was walking to the car of a dead person.

Just then, I got a call from the doctor’s office to get a second opinion on y thyroid level. I am a breastfeeding mother so I need to have my level normal to produce enough for him. Well, Mantachie Clinic had told me that I was fine. But, the doctor’s office told me that my level was 24%. A normal thyroid is at the highest is 5%. So, she tells me that is off the charts and she says that I need to take my meds everyday. And it is a wonder that I am alive. That is what she told me.

The other thing that happened to me is that I was married for a very short time to a marine. He was abusive and he tried to kill me. The details of it I will post on another blog entry but the fight was that he put a gun to my head and was about to pull the trigger. I remember saying “Lord, either make this all stop or take me to Heaven with You.” I was able to escape because he wanted to go to the hospital on base. And I got him there and then left him. Went to the house, got my stuff, left base, went to get a full tank of gas, and went to walmart to get a tom tom, then headed home.

So, now if you want more on this contact me. I will be glad to talk about it. If you have any questions about God or blessings or anything feel free to contact me. So, I hope that by reading this that you will believe in God and that you will post the blessings that God has done for you. 

God bless you all. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.